Have you been struggling to fall asleep or feeling anxious? Can't get the circus in your head to shut off? Maybe you've read about the powerful impact weighted blankets can have? 


If you appreciate the quality that comes from 100% handmade, "made with love," products...the work Anne Crow produces is straight from the heart and is made to care for yours.


Anne Crow is a talented renaissance woman who has varied craft skills from quilting, sewing, basket weaving and singing to corporate experience as a warranty and sales support manager in the manufacturing industry.


These beautiful and functional weighted blankets are:

  • Customizable to your style preference
  • Sewn with small cells so the weight is always evenly spread
  • Personalized for your height and weight (adjusted measurements so they don't weigh on your feet!)
  • Machine washable
  • Available in adult, child and lap sizing options


Interested in having one of your own? Message us here, or email souljoyco@gmail.com.


Adult Blanket - $180

42in. x 61in. = 17lbs.


Child Blanket - $150

36in. x 39.5in. = 7lbs.


Lap Blanket - $60

14in. x 18in. = 3.5lbs.


Check out this article by SensaCalm on benefits of #weightedblankets.

Weighted Blanket | Various Sizes & Styles


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