#VirtualLife Session Notes | Featuring Lisette Zounon

Notes by: Bri Crow

Hello, hello! Each week I host #VirtualLife as a regular connection and skills development video series on Fridays at 12:30pm CST with varying featured guests. It’s inspired in part by the #CommonalityLunches I've facilitated for Women’s Tech Co. for the last two years; as well as a heightened need for community and camaraderie during these virtual and stay-at-home times.

I’m a firm believer in the power of “group learning” and I’ve seen it proven time and again that small groups make a BIG impact! Plus, it's fun and candidly light.

Registration is limited to 20 folks to keep it a tight knit group for open discussion and two-way dialog. Like a friend commented, “It’s like a podcast with a live audience and open Q & A.” - which, is pretty spot on.

TL;DR If you’re a Redditor, consider it a live business-minded “Ask Me Almost Anything” session. 

FEATURED GUEST - vol 1. session 1

Lisette Zounon was the featured guest on 4/3/20 - connect with her on LinkedIn and visit Zquare Solutions Inc.

Lisette has in-depth experience and an extensive background in the full life cycle of software development in the past 15 years. She has worked on various products from consumer products, large network infrastructure, small handheld devices as well as web services, and cloud applications. She is bilingual in English and French and her leadership traits with scrum master training have established her expertise in:

  • leading the QA processes 

  • finding talent to build a winning team 

  • reviewing and effectively improving company software quality, production release outcomes, continuous improvement, internal and external customer satisfaction.

  • implementing standard processes and procedures for effective IT management resulting in superior customer service, high-quality software delivery on time.

  • leading remote, international and distributed technology teams

Each session always spurs memorable takeaways - here are my highlighted notes:

Teams in multiple time zones, as a leader, means…
  • You’ll likely have more meetings and need to have a flexible schedule

  • Your lunch time will likely shift from day to day

  • Empathy for their schedules

  • Tactics for internal schedule coordination 

  • Shared calendars & encourage team to block their calendars for the time they need

Communication tactics:
  • Goals: Consistency, over communicate, build rapport and trust.

  • Meet them where they are: in your 1-on-1’s with employees, what is their preferred communication style?

  • Utilize Google Forms or Survey Monkey type of polling options to learn what platforms, communication mediums they prefer

  • Ask: “What do you like to do on Saturdays?”

  • Trello, Basecamp or similar tools should be your best friend.

  • After a meeting, for yourself or for the team, add in the tasks or activities your team has committed to or set as a goal so you know what to follow up with them on

  • Master the “short meeting” individual check-ins

Meetings - Weekly & Monthly:
  • 20min Tuesday Team Meeting - 5-7min of key resources each giving an update

  • 40min Thursday Team Meeting - Manager talks 15-20 for company/strategy updates

  • Rotate to have a 30min one-on-one with a different person on the team each week

  • Every 2 months - 1 full day meeting

-- Planning for the next 6-8 weeks

-- Someone owns a big update or topic to “lunch and learn”

For managing customer/client needs as a virtual team (who may not be used to working remotely)
  • Set a daily ticket resolution goal

  • Set a classification process for how to rank complexity or priority of tickets

  • Consider assigning certain employees to certain clients or tasks

With you in virtual solidarity - stay healthy & hopeful, friends.


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