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Beauty & Skincare

Headache Gel Hat: Migraine? Sinus pressure? Tired eyes? Congestion? This is my go-to

I have, no joke, bought and sent this to 5 different people after loving it so much. Especially great when you're sick and your head feels like it's about to explode.

R+Co. - Finally found a Shampoo & Conditioner that I love. The bottles are not big, and it's clearly not the cheapest really makes my hair feel smooth without being oily or leaving product behind. This brand came recommended from my hair color stylist.

This "Gemstone" line of their products is specifically for anyone with colored hair:

Conditioner: $33

Travel packet of one of each: $3

For my blondes, I'd go with this line of theirs "Sunset Blvd":

If you're wanting more volume, here is their line "Dallas: Biotin Thickening":

Moisturizing Foundation / Tinted Moisturizer with Medium Coverage

It's what I'm wearing in pretty much all of my videos, I love it.

#1 Mascara of my life. I've been wearing it every day for years and get asked if my eyelashes are real. I will live and die on the hill that this is the best drug store mascara out there. This gives you 3 of them and that will no doubt last you more than a years worth of mascara.

$40 for 3 bottles

My favorite natural every day lipstick combo - p.s. lipliner really does make a difference, it's worth giving it a shot.

Package set: Lipliner and lipstick $45


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