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"If you're not prepared to be bold, you're missing out on the story"

Welcome, beautiful humans! Here, you have a small capsule of the work I do professionally and the stories I capture of life being lived to the fullest.

I'm told I first picked up a camera at 5 years old and I haven't put it down since. I went on to graduate with a  photojournalism degree from Texas Tech University. Black and white, landscape photography (#AnselInspired) was my first love but now I'm captivated by people, and marry the two  styles together.  Showing off the beauty of a moment in time, for all of time, keeps me energetically passionate. 

These are stories not only of my clients and muses, but of my own as well. As an outdoors explorer, I find natural light, textures and contrast to be enchanting which defines my portrait and landscape photography. Going into every shoot, my goal is to celebrate beautiful landscapes yet focus on capturing the essence of the subject(s). My expertise is composition and evoking genuine emotion, making you feel comfortable and like your best (and truest) self.


With the support of a great team, we  provide full-service photo TBO Collections to be revered as family treasures. From our initial conversation about your style and interests, our uniquely-you photo shoot, all the way through to delivery of your curated collection...I'm hands-on and easing your mind. Whether that be a table photo album, hung and framed prints matching your home decor or something we dream up together, is up to you!


You receive a posing guide prior to your shoot to help with the, "what to expect" jitters and I take the hassle out of the post-"what to do with these photos," uncertainties. 

It's worth noting, this entire website was created, written and designed by yours truly. My heart in a website for all to see!

P.S. I generally like to keep these things quiet but between you and me, I must admit...

  • I'm in a co-dependent relationship with nights filled with bath bombs, face masks, candles, wine, and a movie on my laptop. 

  • I have a corporate career background in the tech, staffing and cybersecurity industry. In 2017, I founded a non-profit called Women's Technology Coalition

  • People are my coffee. I get my energy from meeting and learning from new people. No one is safe from a sharing a laugh with me.

  • I prioritize spontaneous travel and vintage purchases over building my savings account. 

  • I reminisce on key moments and seasons of my life through music. I'd love to share with you how I incorporate music into the relationships I have with clients throughout our sessions.

Be a catalyst. Live for the story. Blaze a trail. #TrailBlazeOn.

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