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Jessica & Allison | Jackson Hole, WY 
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"I have said it probably hundreds of times but Bri's work is impeccable! I've known Bri for 12 years now and since the beginning of our friendship, I have seen her photo talents flourish over the years - from college photography assignments to three hour maternity shoots, her portfolio is beautiful and even better, multifaceted.

For me personally, she has been there to capture all my huge life moments (getting engaged, maternity, newborn or just weekend adventures), Bri captures these moments so beautifully at times has brought tears to my eyes. I'm overwhelmed with how impressed and satisfying her work is. She goes above and beyond to make sure she's capturing the right light, angle and expressions. She even comes up with new approaches for how to shoot a moment or pose that your Pintrest board might not of reflected. BUT not only are the final takes amazing pictures, the shoot itself is always fun, comfortable and always goes by so fast! She's so talented - if I could I would take her everywhere with me because I know she'll pick out the perfect moments of every occasion."

Ashley Elliott