Bri Crow


I like ideating and problem solving as much as I do executing and putting in the hard work to get the job done right. I attribute my curiosity and healthy risk appetite to the incredible opportunities I've had in my career. Today, my work intentionally reflects my passions and I'm a glutton for supporting others to achieve their desired success. 

It doesn't get auto-sorted and lost in a bottomless applicant tracking system. This is a personalized, hands-on approach to helping you pursue your dreams.

Once your resume is received, you will be contacted to discuss your goals and how we best move forward. 

"Her presentations are always thoughtful, honest, and engaging to our students and staff. She provides honest information about the industry and breaks down many of the aspects that can be scary for junior developers trying to get hired into their first role."


Addison, TX | | Tel. 512-565-4749

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